We jazz up your media and keep order.

Manage images and videos properly

Modern, responsive and with a lot of functions, DYNAMIC DAM® jazzes up your media objects at retail – for your employees as well as for external service providers. Used together with DYNAMIC PIM® as the top duo, but also as a single solution, it is much more than a picture or video management. With DYNAMIC DAM® the eternal search for the right file is just as over as the use of inferior data. You’ll be surprised what’s possible and how easy it is to maintain it or find files.


DYNAMIC DAM® uses tags as to organize and structure media objects. This ensures that data is not stored in folders that do not allow further linking. Ideally, the various ways of tagging allow the linking of objects for various purposes.


Types are used to clearly divide media data into fields. It’s the same as tagging, but this time it’s absolutely unique. According to the motto: There can only be one. This is important so that large data fields can be filtered very quickly.

Download formats

Each media file should only be stored in its optimal format. The system then generates the respective working formats such as jpg, png24 etc. from this “hero” file. There’s also an image editor to quickly crop or resize an image.


All our systems have the same functionality (usability). So you can start right away with any system, no matter if DYNAMIC PIM®, DYNAMIC DAM® or DYNAMIC PLAN®. In addition, they are optimally interlocked and work hand in hand.

We love to hear from you

Our guide gives you the opportunity to raise a request about DYNAMIC DAM® and send it directly to us.