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The app for a view to the outside

Do you know that: Various advertising activities are launched, regionally, nationwide or worldwide? But you can only know what it really looks like locally, if you are there yourself, correct? DYNAMIC EXPERT® wants to help here. The app makes it possible to create pictures on site with an iPad/iPhone. In addition, the images (picture galleries) are qualified directly in the app and – here’s the trick – automatically synchronized into our DYNAMIC DAM®. The result: All data including qualification, is centrally available and can be evaluated there. Of course, this also applies to all other activities such as competitor campaigns, locations, etc.


DYNAMIC EXPERT® allows the creation of image galleries with the iPad or an Android tablet computer. This enables you to quickly and easily create impressions directly at the POS, on the day of the campaign, on the construction site, in the store or at the competitor’s etc.


Directly, while you are creating pictures with DYNAMIC EXPERT®, these images are qualified according to a given criteria catalogue. This tagging prevents the images from lying around loosely and helps them to be structured as well as link them immediately.


By connecting the DYNAMIC EXPERT® app with DYNAMIC DAM® all data is synchronized with the central unit, i.e. the DYNAMIC DAM® system. All users of the app thus “feed” the control center with structured and qualified images.


That’s the result: A top system that has almost created and qualified itself. Now, data can be selected, evaluated and conclusions drawn at headquarters or from anywhere in the world. For example, that competitors had good ideas, their own actions run well or new challenges arise.

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