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The PIM and DAM systems are the basis for structured data in a digitalized world. Each company is unique and requires individual consulting during implementation. That’s what we do.

The best software is useless without good consulting

In a world where digitalization is high on the agenda, people should be taken on a journey into the future. That’s more of a challenge in communication than one for the IT. You have to be able to do both in order not to avoid engulfing companies in a crisis – a scenario you actually wanted to protect them from.

The aspiration is “Do good and talk about it”: Talk to each other and not about each other. It’s about being partners and not only the smart ones. We have been doing this for many years, nationally and internationally, and also with the courage to address even uncomfortable facts.


Why offering own products?

It’s quite simple: The world of PIM systems and DAM systems is full of misunderstandings. It’s often expensive, inflexible and not really focused on the user. This is already changing, but has prompted us to show how it can be done. And with considerable success, even among the world’s big players.

We’ve developed mobile apps for image management and sales activities that do exactly what they’re supposed to. Tablets and smartphones are the constant companions of our time. That’s why we need tools that are optimized for these devices.


Our partnership helps you get the most out of your product data. We accompany you and your company along this path.


OUR TEAM is a unit of the digital agency and is used by several consulting teams. We advise clients on strategy, evaluation, implementation, support and the systems’ daily use.


Feel free to contact Mrs. Tatjana Vollmert, she will coordinate a first conversation with me.

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