We drum for your products and distribute them perfectly.

The solution for storage, lifecycle and distribution

Modern, responsive and being up to all the dodges, DYNAMIC PIM® rocks your product data at retail. And that goes also for your employees, customers and service providers. Already many outstanding companies can prove how efficiently it works, just have a look at our references. But it is also the ideal solution for SMEs in FMCG or any other product-based industry.


DYNAMIC PIM® uses technical interfaces (API) to import data automatically. Furthermore, data fields can be synchronized to external target groups. In doing so, every target can be served optimally.

Everything’s available

From logistical data to ingredients to marketing texts – all data describing the product are combined in DYNAMIC PIM® and logically linked with each other.

Output container

The personalized access allows every authorized user to obtain the data he needs for his daily work. Ideally, the data is already in the needed file format so it can be processed further more quickly.

Data pool

Why provide multiple systems for different target groups such as employees, customers, and agencies? That’s all a thing of the past. Product data is available centrally and is available to all participants in the value chain.

Let us know what you need

Our guide gives you the opportunity to raise a request about DYNAMIC PIM® and send it directly to us.