We rap your workflows and ensure your planning.

Workflows to fall in love with

Developed from the necessity to map workflows, i.e. work processes, centrally (Single-Point-Of-Information). DYNAMIC PLAN® thus integrates work or approval processes for several stakeholders such as internal departments, service providers, and field service. In addition, budgets are managed so that orders, e.g. for a brand, can only be placed if sufficient budget is available. Cleverly done, easy to handle and with the DYNAMIC SALES® app it really gets going.


To be honest, systems like SAP & Co. are not really fun. There are often real data monsters that leave you with far too many options and you lose track of them quickly. Here, DYNAMIC PLAN® scores with clarity and intuitive operation.


With DYNAMIC PLAN® you stay on top of things. Regardless of whether you are an internal employee, a service provider or a sales representative. Everyone sees only what they need every day and can therefore concentrate on the essentials.


By specifying measures, any form of order process can be described. Thus, each case of application is represented and made visible by personalized access only for the users, who have to deal with it.


And since it always comes down to money in the end, we have also integrated the budget calculation into DYNAMIC PLAN®. Brand budgets, project budgets, etc. are created, limited to time periods and measures and debited to the service providers on the basis of billing costs.

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