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Your sales force will be thrilled

The sales force in companies is often not really integrated into internal processes. People meet from time to time in the head office, but the actual networking takes place somewhere else. DYNAMIC SALES® is a mobile app for the iPad or Android tablet computer. The app centralizes orders, sales data, appointments, meetings, surveys, etc. and synchronizes them with our DYNAMIC PLAN®. This keeps everyone informed and makes them an integral part of the system.


In DYNAMIC SALES®, everything is very easy to operate, because that’s what matters. Even when fixing appointments. What is the use of hundreds of functions if you have to read a manual first in order to use it actively and efficiently?


A mobile app developed for the field service must also allow that the knowledge of colleagues can be shared. Important insights in Munich can also be relevant for the work in Hamburg. Targeted surveys create knowledge transfer and ensure a much better exchange between employees who meet each other less frequently.

Sales data

Due to the personalized access possibilities in DYNAMIC SALES®, every authorized user can obtain the data he needs for his daily work. Ideally, they are already formatted in such a way that they can be used for fast further processing.


Everything under control, everything at a glance. The app’s dashboard provides quick access to essential data. Whether sales data, appointments or promotions. We use the overview in the app as the control center for the individually relevant information.

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